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My journey from old school coder to AI-enabled technologist

In 2021 I will be undertaking a Masters of Applied Cybernetics at ANU. As part of the course we are expected to learn the building blocks of Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). My experiences learning and. utilising these technologies will be documented here so if you are an educator, a fellow learner, or even an ageing technologist who wants to learn new tricks to stay relevant in the fourth industrial revolution then please join me on this journey.



The way to navigate the website is through the following links:

My Build Journey is documented in a website I built to contain my learnings through the build course. I have never created a personal website and wanted to learn these skills for my professional development


As part of the Master of Applied Cybernetics at the 3ai institute, we have a course in Building Cyber-Physical Systems. The course runs for the full year of the program and aims to ensure that graduates receive a grounding in the systems that they are learning about. If you will excuse the bad pun, this course aims to put the ‘physical’ into a masters on cyber-physical systems (CPS).


This page is where I reflect on the key skills I want to focus on during the build course. Some of these skills I will be refreshing from my earlier days in technology, some I will be learning new, and others I will be exploring in a different context. Each of the skills will be placed in the broader context of the NBE and the engineers that will be trained for it.


A catalogue of the important items I built during the first semester


Other images worth noting from the build course.


My reflections are written as a series of blogs on the website and are accessible via this link.


Here are the key items from what we built in Semester 2

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