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Semester 2 these are:

  • Now we are getting to the good stuff

    • In Semester 2 we covered Machine Learning in depth. Here are my reflections on what we learnt.

    • Skills: Machine Learning

  • SMARC: Tools, Components, Methods, and Techniques

    • SMARC is a scalable interface between the public and the e-waste recycling system.

    • Skills: CPS, M//L, Product Design and Build

  • Who said co-location is key?

    • Building CPS in a remote team

    • Skills: Project Planning, SDLC

  • GPT-3: a closer look

    • Here at the School of Cybernetics don’t just focus on the technology, we take a broader view.

    • Skills: Cybernetic Analysis


Why is my brain stuck in 2D?

This blog covers my experiences working with code that would either run on, or interact with physical objects.   ​

How I learnt to overcome my fear of circuits

This blog details my experiences going from our first sewing experience during orientation week through to connecting up circuits for the maker project.

In order to understand the fridge, we have to be at one with the fridge

For most of my career I have been a ‘systems thinker’, working first as a software engineer, then as an Architect, where your role is to think in terms of Systems of Systems. This blog reflects on reconciling what we are studying with that experience.

MARVIN: The Paranoid Tester

This blog includes my reflections of the Maker Project and discusses what in learnt from researching Testing for Cyber-physical systems

Now we are getting to the good stuff

Finally we are getting to the key building blocks of CPS and this blog covers my experiences with Machine Learning so far on the course.

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